My View: Stress suffocates students

stressNowadays, society is all about work. The United States has a mentality stating that people have to prepare for the future. Really – this is a concept of Speech and Debate. This belief is grilled into students’ heads and puts pressure on them. They carry this knowledge with themselves all the time, but it is in school that things get ugly.

Early in life, kids are taught to get good grades in school and help around the house. They are expected to work hard in kindergarten in order to progress to elementary school. Students must do well in elementary school so that they can go on to middle school. Then, they are expected to get promoted to high school and go to college afterwards. Work, work, and more work!

Kids must go out and be kids. They can’t spend their whole lives trying to reach a goal, and then going for another once the previous goal is met. Teachers give students a bundle of homework, and for what? So that they can go to college? Then, they’re expected to get a job in order to support their future families, right? Then, they will spend the rest of their lives in that job, doing the same thing over and over. I simply cannot understand how this is right.

It’s no wonder lots of students give up. Why wouldn’t they? The stress takes a toll on them, and they eventually feel trapped. I know I do. Stress in school and life can lead to health problems, such as anxiety. I don’t see how all this work is going to pay off if students are not stable. I think that the reason students give up is because they fail to see the point of everything. Life can seem like a very confusing maze that brings you back to the same spot every time. Students feel suffocated by their obligations and routines. That’s why some students lose interest in school, and some eventually drop out.

It’s okay to have goals and ambitions, but both students and teachers need to realize that there are limits. Teachers need to lay off the work. I also noticed that, in elementary school, teachers are sweet and sugary, but in high school, they forget to give their students a pat on the back. Teachers need to  occasionally praise their students so that they feel like there’s a purpose to everything.

I am aware that this article might bring me some bad commentary. Some students may not agree with my view. They may even label me as lazy and irresponsible. I am anything but. However, I know my limitations, and I know that school gets harder every year. I know how to deal with stuff, though. It’s important that other students do, too. This will help them cope with the pressure and the stress of life. People need to realize that life isn’t all about work, or all about fun. There must be a balance. It’ll make life much easier.

By: Maria Alvarez