MY VIEW: Freshmen should be treated better

freshmen1People reading this might believe that my article is tainted by prejudice, being a freshman myself. However, that is not the case.

Any person going into high school can easily note that freshmen students are looked down upon. It is true that we are the new kids; we are at the bottom of the social food chain. I still don’t understand why the upperclassmen insist on making our lives miserable. Don’t they remember being in our shoes? Don’t they remember  coming from a small  middle school to an intimidating high school?

It’s not easy being a freshman, let me tell you. We have to bear the teasing and ridiculing all the time. It’s even worse during assemblies, when the whole school humiliates us. If the school holds a competition, the seniors automatically win just because they are seniors. The freshmen automatically come in last place because, well, they’re freshmen.

People might wonder why we put up with it. There’s only one reason: we’re waiting for our turn. Believe it or not, those scared, little freshmen will soon be seniors. Our turn will come when we get to torment the new freshmen students. We will take our anger out on some poor kid who wasn’t even there when we were made fun of. That is the problem: the stupid tradition.

If we do not stop the tradition of making fun of freshmen, the torture will continue. This is why my article is legitimate. I do not intend to behave like others do. When I am no longer a freshman, I will continue to respect them. They are people, after all.

I believe that some freshmen act very immaturely, and that is why we are looked down upon. The upperclassmen expect us to act like little kids, and that is why they treat us like little kids. They could get the message across less brutally, though. The upperclassmen don’t have to ridicule the freshmen generation. So, fellow freshmen, listen to me. You have to act responsibly and prove the others wrong. We must not let our fear show. Otherwise, the wretched tradition will continue.

Not everyone’s a bully and not every school is the same; I understand that. However, the situation is still serious.

Sophomores, stop treating freshmen badly because of what you went through last year. You, too, still have a long way to go before you are at the top of the food chain. As for the juniors and the seniors, just remember that you were once freshmen, too. You were once shy and insecure. Do you want to leave this school and be remembered as a  bully, or as a sympathetic, understanding person?

By: Maria Alvarez