MY VIEW: Females deserve more respect

We live in the 21st century yet we continue to hold on to the same crude, barbaric beliefs. We continue to think of males as the superior sex.

I will never understand how men can get away with so many things or why women continue to forgive them. I’ll also never understand the way society belittles the female character. This subject gnaws on my nerves and makes me boil with anger. Let’s look at the facts. Women have proved to be strong and independent, but they still let men control their lives.

For example, the subject of cheating.I thought that everyone was created equal and that everyone had a right to happiness. Wrong. A man can cheat, and society sees it as a natural thing. However,heaven forbid that a woman cheats because that is unacceptable!  Women get called horrible names, but men can just get away with it.Why? Why is it that women always get the worst end of the stick? This is utterly unfair, but nobody sees it that way. Society limits women in ways that men are not.

Maybe this issue wouldn’t bother me so much if I knew that women defended themselves. Wrong. Women do not try to put an end to this injustice; they let their reputations be slaughtered for fear of speaking up. No wonder people underestimate us! Speak up, girls! Embrace your power and your voice!

People say that a woman’s reputation is more fragile than a man’s, and that is why they are more prone to scrutiny. How is this fair? I don’t see the justice in undermining women and glorifying men. Haven’t women proven to be stronger than them? I’d like to see a man go through childbirth. Perhaps then they can put their strength to the test. I would like to see a man cook and clean all day only to have their spouse critique them when they come home. Ha! We’ll see which sex is stronger.

I am not trying to offend anyone; I know that not all men are such neanderthals. I am not trying to justify the poor choices of some females.  However, we cannot ignore the evidence. It points to only one thing: women deserve more respect. People need to acknowledge our brilliancy and strength. People need to let go of sexist beliefs and old prejudices. Females are the source of life. They make the world go around.

By: Maria Alvarez