PRO/CON: Should women wear high heels?


Wearing high heels in some way is a good thing for some girls. Well I think it is a good thing for the following reasons. It boosts your confidence and makes you look and feel sexy. It also accentuates your curves at the right place by changing your posture, bringing your chest forward and pushing your waistline back. By wearing high heeled shoes you can improve your height, an advantage especially to shorter woman. It makes you look slimmer by proportioning the body and making the legs longer. Muscle is built in the calves. The last reason why I think high heels is a good thing is because it reflects your personality and can give an air of authority, intimidating others.

By:Danelia Montanez


There are bad things, too, if you wear high heels. There are the problems that you can’t see, and those can be the serious ones, causing changes in your body that can be irreversible. The damages high heels can cause your bone structures are drastic. Without the right position while walking in heels you don’t just look weird, it damages your spine and knees. You can easily injury your ankles, or get hammertoe or bunions if you don’t wear comfortable shoes. By wearing heels your weight is redistributed. That will cause the balls of your feet pinching pain. If you don’t watch out for the pain you can end up with Metatarsalgia, a common problem that comes from the pain of joints and bones in the metatarsal. The pain in your joints increase 26 percent while wearing high heels; this only increases on how high the high heels are. The heel can sink in the dirt, you can fall, and they can cause a series of injuries. So if you like wearing high heels be ready to face the consequences.

By:Julissa Villa Leon