Is this generation stupid?

seniorpic2013This generation has recently been labeled as ignorant and dumb.

“We are stupid,” said junior Sarai Blanco. “We don’t think before we act. I have good grades, but I don’t study all the time. Not everyone can say that they’ve got good grades.”

Freshman Carlos Avila has good gradesand claims that he doesn’t study at all.

“Yeah, this generation is dumb, including me,” said Avila.“I don’t study because I’d rather watch TV.”

Avila also said that he has a good memory. However, he doesn’t defend himself or his peers. Math teacher Diana Roman believes that students are too dependent on technology.

“Technology has given us the accessibility of instant feedback,” said Roman. “Students want things instantly, now!”

Roman does not think that this generation is dumb.

“It’s just that they have access to everything,” said Roman. “When you have that, you get easily bored, and you look for another outlet.”

English teacher Erlinda Romero believes that this generation is the smartest of many years.

“They not only know much about technology, but they know how to fix it,” Romero said. “These kids are beyond bright, to the point where it’s hard to challenge them.”

Romero thinks that the reason for this stereotype is that people don’t understand teens  in general.

“They don’t work with them, so they can’t get a good concept of them,” said Romero. “These kids challenge you, and make you learn something everyday. They keep you on your toes; they thirst for knowledge.”

By Maria Alvarez