Pro / Con: Should women wear make-up?

Makeup1Pro: Many women like wearing make-up to look pretty. Also they feel happy, confident and strong. Make-up helps highlight features on your face. Eyeliner brings out your eyes more and makes the lashes look thicker and longer. Also wearing make-up helps cover blemishes, pimples and shiny skin. It could possibly promote good posture. Foundation gives a smooth and delicate look and evens out the color and tone of your face. Blush makes you have a good cheek bone structure. It’s just a great thing to wear make-up for many reasons; it’s just like a hobby.

By:  Maria  Gonzalez

Makeup2Con: I think when you don’t wear make-up you look fresh and young. Not only do you look younger, but you don’t have any harmful ingredients in your pores and causing skin cells to age faster. Many women wear make-up every day, not knowing what ingredients it contains. They don’t even know what make-up can do to your face. It can cause skin to age faster but as well as cancer. It also causes dry skin and can cause breakouts. Bacteria and infections may also build up by applying out of date make-up or sharing make-up, which mostly every woman does. Mascara is one of type of make-up that can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Many women suffer from itchy, watery and red eyes when they’re holding their making for so long and sharing among friends. That’s why I think make-up is not a good thing to add to your face.

By: Julissa Villa Leon