Teacher Profile: Madame Frank

“Il pleut,” said Carl Hayden French teacher Mary Frank. “Il fait froid!”

Frank spent all last week in England! Her husband was away on a business trip in England, and he asked her to come along. Frank and her husband stayed in a small town that was about an hour and a half north of London. She commented that it rained a lot in England and that it was very cold.

“The town was so small,” said Frank. “It was literally two or three blocks, and that’s it.”

Frank and her husband also stayed in a hotel that was built in the sixteenth century and she visited a church as well.

“The buildings looked like something from a storybook,” said Frank.

The church that Frank visited was old as well. There were tombstones beneath the floor and the people were basically walking on them!

“It was a little freaky,” said Frank.

In addition to visiting churches and strolling through the countryside, Frank also got to enjoy  a lot of delicious food. She ate meatballs, mashed potatoes,and lots of gravy. She  also ate a wide variety of desserts such as pies, tarts, and biscuits.

“I enjoyed the food, but it was a bit heavy for me,” said Frank.”Besides that, I liked everything.”

The one thing she did the most was drink tea.

“You would never see a person in England consume as much soda as Americans do,” she said.

Speaking of people in England, Frank said that they were very polite.

“They say ‘lovely’ and ‘brilliant’ a lot,” she said. “They actually talk like that, and they’re not acting!”

Frank also met some French-speaking people there, and she got to speak a bit of French. She also said that she did not get homesick because she was not in England for very long. She was very sad to leave, and she would love to go back to England very soon.

By Maria Alvarez