Teacher Profiles – December 2012

Lewton-300x275David Lewton, English teacher

David Lewton has been working at Carl Hayden High School for ten years. This is his fourth career. He likes Batman and reading comic books. Thirty years ago  he moved to Arizona. At age 16 he dropped out of school and started workign. After so many jobs he decided he could do better and went to Phoenix College for two years  to get his GED.

Every morning he would make his kids breakfast, get them ready and send them off to school. Then he would go to school as well. He finished school and got is teaching license. There weren’t manyteaching jobs so he went on and became a platter. It was a dangerous job. One day while working he fell down a hole and cut almost all his leg. He had two surgeries. The first one sadly didn’t work so he had another one.

He went back to teaching three years later. He was a substitute and then jobs opened up for a full time teaching position.Carl Hayden was the first school that interviewed him. “It was a perfect match,” he said. He enjoyed his sophomores. “I learned more from them, more than they will ever learn from me.” He works every year from the first day til the end of the year.

By Daisy Aguilar

Beth Ellickson, marine biology teacher

How long have you been teaching at Carl Hayden? 8th year teaching Carl Hayden.
What is your favorite marine animal in the class? The sharks they are smart and big personalities.
What’s the story behind the sharks? The mom shark was all by herself, no male. She laid 30 eggs by herself. Months later they all hatched and we gave them away to zoos and aquariums and kept  two.
Does every animal has a diet? Yes every fish has their own specific food.
Do you like being a marine biology teacher? Yes I enjoy it here.
Was it hard getting use to having animals in the room? It was hard getting use to a routine; it was hard to get balance.
Do you let all your students get a turn to feed the shark tanks? No, not everyone, just the most responsible ones like juniors and seniors.

By Daisy Aguilar

Libby Stovall, PE teacher

How long have you been working here at Carl Hayden? 15 happy years
Do you love your job? yes
What makes you love your job? The kids here make me happy.
Have you had any problems while working here? There things that break my heart, but problems, no.
If you could choose another career what would it be? I’d be an adolescent psychologist, but my dream is to own a ranch to build apartments and a school there for homeless girls to work on the ranch for their rent and go to school. They can only stay there if they are passing their classes.

By Daisy Aguilar

Coach Dansby, PE Teacher

Coach Dansby is well known on campus. He is very interactive with the students. “Students come to me all the time for advice,” Dansby said. His best memory has to be the Friday when the football team traveled down to San Luis and beat them to snap the 66 game losing streak that had been haunting them. Before considering being a teacher Dansby wanted to be a business executive. His favorite thing to do during lunch is eat.

By Gaston Graham


Argie Rhymes, boys basketball coach

How long have you been coaching basketball? I’ve been coaching over 30 years.
What made you want to start coaching?
I enjoy all sports football, basketball, track etc. I love working with the kids so I did it all.
What is the team’s goal this year?
TO WIN every game we play and make it to the state playoffs.
What do you think the team can improve on to be better?
Let me put it this way: defense wins the game and offense keeps you in the game.
What are the team’s strengths on the court?
Our team.  We have a bench; we have at least 9 kids and 8-9 starters so our strength is the bench. Also our returners and kids who have been playing varsity since freshman year.

By: Dayjarae Stubblefield