Falcon veterans reflect on Veterans Day

Remembrance, honor, pride, sacrifice, memories and bravery: this are some of the many words that describe Veterans day.

“Veterans day is a nationwide celebration, just not on the same day in all countries,” said JROTC SFC Brumels. “Some of the ways we recognize it is at Washington DC at the wall of names, the Arlington Cemetery, in Germany the Battle of Bulge, in England at Normandy and Pearl Harbor. These are all of the places it represents it. That’s where a lot of people celebrate Veterans Day. On November 12 we gave two women a plaque because they were in WW2. The presentation is a remembrance of emotions that bring them out.”

Brumels mentioned that people in the armed forces celebrate Veterans Day in many different ways.

“Sometimes we get a day off, others it’s a BBQ or just various activities from what  the commander wanted to do,” said Brumels. “Sometimes we could be with our families and others it would be all veterans and families together.”

Computer teacher Ernie Aragon served in the military. “Veterans day is a day of recognition,” said Aragon. “We had a day off work but we were in alert no matter what. Still, we partied.”

Librarian Kent Franklin served in the Vietnam War. He said they didn’t celebrate Veterans Day back then because the public was against the war.

“For me Veterans Day is a day to reflect and think about my days in service,” said science teacher Brian Cano. “But it is a day of gratitude for those who served.”

Brumels said Veterans Day is an opportunity to celebrate the veterans that have fallen or are still alive. It is a day to share experiences.

“A flag is raised every day and it is to honor our country,” said Brumels. “A flag is raised every day to remember the people that fought for freedom to this country. We honor the flag in many different places.”

The Falcon JROTC held a special flag ceremony in honor of veterans and Veterans Day.
Photos by Lucio Anchondo