Pro / Con: Teen drop-outs

Well there really isn’t a pro on teens dropping out of high school. Some students may think of it as a good thing for many reasons. Like for instance no more homework, no more dealing with your teachers  and no more boring book reports. Also they will have less stress for their teen life. They will have more time to enjoy themselves as teenagers and do whatever they want. Others dropout to help their family by getting a job to help out. Those are some reasons I think of why students dropout of school.

By: Jasmin Gomez

There are many reasons why high school students shouldn’t drop out of high school. They will be less educated which means lack of a diploma, and therefore a lack of a college degree, which results into the lack of a good-paying job. Some of them will probably end up in a bad neighborhood and start doing bad things like drugs, stealing, getting in a gang. Stress from working hard and making little money can also lead a person into drinking, drugs, depression, or simply a struggle that could have been avoided. That’s why teens shouldn’t dropout of high school because they may do something they regret and can no longer change it.

By: Julissa Villa