Teacher Profile – Philip Mandel

Philip Mandel
English Teacher
How long have you been teaching here at Carl Hayden? Too long.
What is the best part about working here on campus? Lunch with Stephanie Johnson.
What your best memory? Kino Flores as Principal.
How did you get your job? Mitzi and Jim McElroy hired me.
How do you motivate your students? With ideas and questions.
What are your future plans? Recess, next year will be my last year teaching.
What’s your reason for retiring? I strongly disagree with the direction of education; it’s become management and not intellectual. Everything seems to be limited by the data and money. We don’t have educators in charge. Its not fun, I’m 180° against what the current system is. If it wasn’t for this system I would go for another five years of teaching here at Carl Hayden.
Any final comments? Just keep questioning things.