Ramon’s Viewpoint: Was change necessary?

Everyone knows that in order to see any results in life, a major change must be made. Changes are always made in life, such as a change in scenery, changes in lifestyle or any kind of physical change. Change doesn’t always have the right outcome we look for or the results we expect.

In this my final year of the high school experience I feel much disappointment with this school year. I remember as a freshman I came, like many freshmen do, lost yet mixed with much excitement of what was to come. Personally, I loved that feeling and every year I would always feel like that.

Except this year. I lost that feeling really quick. As a matter of fact I knew I would be disappointed by this school year as soon as I got that stupid color-coded lanyard. It’s funny because I got that thing during the summer, meaning school hadn’t even started and I already hated it.

I remember throughout the first three years, when we as students had so many things and had so much variety, yet like a little kid enjoying his juice box, it was over with as soon as I started enjoying it. We had a handball team, and we could hang out anywhere we wanted to during lunch. We had half days instead of late starts and we also had Freddy’s Mercado. Talking about food, we had a variety of food we could eat. Remember when we could buy Pizza Hut or Cup o’ Noodles. Now all we have is the cafeteria, which, according to CBS 5 News, has violated many health regulations, but that is another story for another time.

I understand that some of the changes were due to rules administration had to implement. However, I feel that administration has made so many rules yet they do not put their full effort into enforcing those rules. I still see students ditching, smoking and not wearing their IDs. I know I don’t sometimes.

Another thing I feel is that many of the rules are unnecessary. By having more rules, more and more students will break them. This not only hurts the students but also damages the school’s credibility. I believe by having a little bit of leniency, we have a better chance of improving as a school. I also believe that the students should give the same effort as administrators should, if not more. However if students continue to ditch and smoke, then they should not be in school, regardless of their excuse.

I feel that in this school we let those few ruin it for the rest of us. The problem is that we focus too much on those few students that ruin it for the rest of us, and personally I put much of the blame on the administration. I feel that it is important to make the school look good but how can we do that when we have all our focus on ”Little joker” and “La Traviesa” and not enough on the students trying to make an effort in school.

I understand that we want everyone to graduate and “no child should be left behind” but should we really put a failing student on the same track as an honor student? If the effort is not made by the student, he or she has only himself or herself to blame and the administration does not seem not to get that. I thought that in high school we were supposed to learn how to be independent and grow into adulthood. However I feel that many students are too dependent on the administration to be their safety net. I don’t know, maybe that’s why we have so many students who are not going to graduate.

As for me, my senior high school year has come and is pretty much gone. I hope next year they get their “stuff” together, because I have been really disappointed by many of the things that the administration did this year. I feel like my final year will not be as memorable as I hoped it would be, yet I do not wish the school to burn down or anything bad like that. I just want the school to improve; I want future seniors to have a memorable year. I don’t know, maybe this will help or maybe it won’t. Nevertheless I feel that change is needed once again, I just hope this time the people will get it right.