Baseball 2009-2010

Lack of confidence leads to disaster
By Marcela Torres (04.30.10)
Instead of improving and gaining confidence after every game, the varsity team has done the complete opposite, which the coach agreed on. The varsity team shows heart but yet little commitment to the team. Although the varsity hasn’t won many games,they still try hard and keep their heads up, according to several players. The varsity team at first would progress and improve after every game. But now they lack improvement and have all taken their heads out of the game and don’t use their mental aspects which are needed to win games, explained their coach Leo Alvarez.

“In the beginning we were improving but I think we hit a wall where we’ve gone back a couple of steps,” said Alvarez. “But as individuals some have improved.”

Varsity has only won one game; their record is currently 1-11. Alvarez feels his team is not trying their best. The varsity baseball team is one of the teams that has more varsity experience but somehow they are not showing it on the field.

“The team should work on its mental aspects,” said Alvarez. “Players need to focus and concentrate more ahead. If they do this then they would perform better and make less physical errors.”

The team needs more improvement, and that involves coming to practice, keeping their grades up and staying out of the No Pass-No Play rule. Not showing up for practice has really affected the team. Not being able to play because of bad grades really doesn’t help the team.

“I think dedication is what some players lack, dedication to the team, game, and their school,” said Alvarez.

Dedication is one of the basic keys towards winning a game, and many athletes would agree. A team with no dedication can lead to loses, which is what is currently happening to the varsity baseball team. Having no teamwork makes it harder for the team to communicate and work together. Some players do work hard but if only a few of them do their part and the rest of them don’t, then there is no improvement.

“I feel like I’m making progress in the field, but since the team isn’t working together, my efforts appear to be less than what they are,” said senior Gilberto Mota.

But the season is not over, anything can still happen now. Winning one of these last games is what the team would like.

“I would like for us to win at least one more game,” said Mota.

Varsity Baseball team struggles to build season momentum
by Monica Contreras (04.09.10)
They were six games into their season, and head coach Leo Alavarez began the game in a way that was unlike him. Six losses for a season start would mean anxious pacing and disappointment. Instead, Alavarez skipped that for his pre-game speech; this was supposed to be a painless opportunity.

Camelback was 0-8 at the time, and the coach, with a strict nature and a face to go along with it, had a lot to say.

“The wind is blowing out, so you will need to grab those balls,” he said in the huddle. Also dressed in his uniform, Alvarez was hard to miss. “Jump on these guys, and don’t take anything for granted. Blow them out.”

That was a command, an order sent straight from the general. Focus and communication went dry in the past, a majority of the games downed at a margin of more than three runs. A score of 0-25 was their biggest blowout against Chaparral.

“We really realized how serious this was as a team,” said senior left fielder Pedro Torres. “We were embarrassed. They are one of the best teams, and at first it was more about having fun not playing ball. But it’ll come today, that W.”

Assistant coach Arnold Morales was thinking the same thing, hoping he would see a game he wouldn’t cringe at.

“Hopefully, this will be entertaining but I can’t guarantee anything,” said assistant coach Arnold Morales. He was thinking the same thing.

And it was. Closing out with a score of 13-3, the game did start off a bit sluggish. A few runs were given away as the outfield scurried after the ball.

“I don’t know what’s going on, either they’re not focused or they’re scared,” said Alavarez just outside the dugout.

This place showed a typical scene. A few players did not show the focus that was needed to mend the season. Some coached from a distance, they hollered “Ponte listo Jorge, be ready!”. Though, when the team is too busy rooting for the birds “chilling” in the outfield, it can be hard to build momentum in time for the next game.

That was the case in district games versus Maryvale (L 11-4) and Trevor Browne (L 1-12).

“We didn’t follow through the complete game,” said Morales, after the situation with Browne. “We got shut down offensively and defensively, with just two hits this game. These mistakes need to be cut, and today was no exception.”