Boys tennis players reflect on season

The Tennis players agree they’ve done a really good job keeping their hopes up to do their best to this season. Motivation is one of the main things that inspires them to do their best in every game.

“My older brother inspires me because he played in here so he wants me to keep the tradition going,” said junior Suleman Allahi.

Senior Daniel Otero also had many family  members play tennis, and they encouraged him to play.

“I got hooked into working out after football and wrestling so I wanted to continue,” Otero said.

Since last year the tennis team has improved a lot to win this year. Allahi said they improved a lot in communication.

“Players have tried harder and they have more chemistry during the 2 on 2 matches,” said senior Christian Vicero. “And in the 1 on 1 matches the beginners play like if they’ve been playing for years.”

“Some improvements within the team are achieving quality through problem solving and process improvement as a team, whether it’s daily practice or commitment to all matches,” said Otero.

Although the season is almost over, next year there will be open spots for anyone who would like to try tennis.

“Anyone can try tennis, and if they do they won’t regret it,” said Vicero.