Quiet distance runner makes his own statement

Junior Jorge Velasco is one face you will see on the track team. Not exactly the most outspoken person on the distance team, Velasco shows his true colors through his performance.

“He lets his actions speak louder than his words,” said coach Gabriel Robles.

During his first year Velasco had a tough time with his teammates.

“My first year was hard because my teammates we’re really competitive,” said Velasco.

Have athletes around him that don’t take the sport as seriously as he does, Velasco has to be very self-motivating. When the coach was replaced, some athletes weren’t really affected by it, but Jorge took it as an advantage.

“I’ve been running a lot better since coach Robles has been with us because he’s always there for us, and he never misses practice,” said Velasco.

Velasco has not only been in track but he’s also been in cross country, which has helped him with some traits while running.

“Some traits that I got from cross country were hard work, being more devoted to a sport, how to handle a situation, better time management and being more focused,” said Velasco.

Even though Velasco is close to the end of his high school years he still works hard to improve in track.

“I’m more competitive now and I work harder to beat the competition,” said Velasco.