Pro / Con: Do students need study hall?

Advisory period equals more successful students

The idea of adding a study hall period is to give students the advantage of one-on-one tutoring with a teacher. Although this period will bring a lot of changes to teacher and student schedules, building the program up will benefit students in the long run.

As a senior, school is the ideal place to focus on college readiness and future plans. To get an early start, most students start on their plans during junior year. Part of that process is being able to talk to teachers and counselors and being able to get help along the way. With a study hall period, students are given the opportunity to have one-on-one time with an instructor to focus on their needs.

A lot of the times, students are stuck along the process and it is hard to find a good time throughout the school day to fix the problem. An advisory period lets students take time away from classes and catch up on scholarships or the admissions process, which can be very broad and hectic. Part of the mission of high schools is to prepare students for their life after graduation. There are always going to be students that are brought up not being aware of what the university has to offer and are limited in their options. This awareness has to begin early, as soon as freshman year, to get students into a positive mindset.

By Monica Contreras

Students need to be responsible on their own

Time is something that is very valuable. It is essential for everybody to manage their own time wisely, especially when you’re leaving the stage of adolescence and becoming the responsible young person you wish to be. From my experience, I feel that the last semester of high school truely shows if you’re ready for college. In order to get to that point though, we all need some discipline and to learn when to study and do school work instead of going out and having a good time with friends.

Therefore it is our duty as scholars to acquire these skills because when we graduate and go to higher education there won’t be anybody to keep us focused and on track. Teachers won’t keep reminding students to do their homework or to turn in late assignment. Students have to bring that motivation and ambition for learning from themselves and not from the consistent reminders of their teachers.

With this in mind I believe that by having a study hall at our campus it will stop students from being independent and being able to think for themselves. They get accustomed to people telling them to what to do and by the time they go to a university it comes as a shock that it is not the same environment. Students might take advantage of the time they are given and play around since there is really no direct study involved. Therefore this halts a student’s progress not only in school but in life if they don’t get the chance  to get their feet wet and realize that the world is made up of deadlines. It is our duty to meet those deadlines.

By Alfredo Nava