Baseball Team shows improvement as seniors overwhelm roster

In recent years, Carl Hayden sports programs were not known to have much success except for a couple teams here and there. However, only recently has the school’s athletic program begin to show improvement. Now baseball is up to bat and will make an attempt to prove that spring sports can knock it out of the park.

“Based on what we have seen so far we should be vastly improved since last year,” said head coach Leo Alvarez.

This year team feels they have a great opportunity to have a successful season. The team is has a high level of baseball experience as many returning players from last year overwhelm this year’s roster.

“We have a lot of seniors coming back and many talented underclassmen,” said Alvarez, “so we should have one of our better squads in recent memory.”

The team hopes to improve from last year’s team, feeling that the previous years’ lack of fundamentals was the cause of their demise.

“We didn’t have any communication skills,” said senior Ricardo Espinoza. “But I feel that this year we have improved.”

The players and coach alike feel that the problems caused from last year can easily be solved by having practices that allow the players to hone their skills in the game.

“We practice hard and learn from our mistakes,” said senior Martin Venzor. “I feel if we do that we can improve as a team.”

On February 17 the baseball team traveled to Buckeye City and faced Verado High school in a scrimmage. The team hopes practice atmospheres such as these help them gain experience for real games situations as they close is on the beginning of their season.

“Come out and support us,” said Venzor. “We promise we will give you guys an exciting game.”

Baseball practice

Another day at the office as the baseball team practices on Tuesday, Feb. 20.
Photos by Ramon Sanchez