New field for winter, spring sports

Senior athletes will get to see an addition to their home field before they graduate. Plans to boost school spirit will include a mascot stencil on the football, baseball and softball fields. Assistant Principal for Student Opportunities Lee Fernwault has made raising Carl Hayden’s sports image a priority.

“It will definitely be a great thing for home games, and bring a positive impact,” said Fernwault. “This will make the student body come along.”

Funds to purchase and maintenance the stencil were put together by clubs and staff around campus. Fernwault hopes to have all arrangements made by homecoming. District has to approve purchase of all materials.

Senior Jorge Roman has played football since his freshman year and has anticipated this type of change for his last season.

“These types of things make you feel welcome,” said Roman. “It’s your logo on the field.”

Although players like Roman don’t see field accessories as a necessity, he says it brings support from the students and staff.

“I guess you could say it’s more of a bonus,” said Roman. “It will attract all those people passing by the games, and it looks a lot more professional. This is our house, this is where we play. It remind you of home.”