Teacher Profile – Peter Cunningham

A great addition to Carl Hayden’s teaching staff this year is Peter Cunningham. He took Gary Anderson’s spot in the health department after Anderson retired.

“I know I didn’t want to be stuck in an office,” said Cunningham.

You can say teaching runs in Cunningham’s family. His father was a PE teacher for 30 years and now is a principal. His mother is a kindergarten teacher and has been doing this for around 20 years. His brother is a first grade teacher and has been teaching for 10 years, as well as his sister-in-law who teaches fourth grade. Finally his wife is also a teacher; she’s a speech therapist who helps students who have difficult speaking.

Cunningham attended Ohio Wesleyn University; ironically that is the same place where his mom and dad went and met each other. Cunningham played college football, and he is now the head JV football coach.

“Coaching football is awesome,” Cunningham said. “I would like to make this a different place for football. In order for this to happen kids have to come out and play. Competition makes people better.”

Besides playing football, another hobby of Cunningham is running a fitness boot camp. It is mostly made up of his neighbors and his friends. They meet three times a week and he has been doing this for about a year.

“The workouts we do are push ups and squats,” Cunningham said. “We mostly use our body weight to lift.”

As Cunningham confronts a new chapter in his life at Carl Hayden, he also embarks on a new frontier as a new parent. He recently had his first child, a baby girl name Frida who is just a month old.

“I suggested the name because it’s unique and it means peace,” Cunningham said.

The inspiration that has influenced Cunningham is his dad.

“He is a great person,” Cunningham said. “He is very selfless and gives his time to people. I would like to model my career after his.”