Teacher Profiles – Sept 2010

ZaragozaHector Zaragoza

Ceramics Teacher

Why did you choose to teach ceramics?
Because it was the only open in art at the time, I really wanted to teach painting and drawing.
What would you want your students to learn from this class in the future?
I want them to understand hard history and modern art so they can be educated when they are older.
What are your hobbies outside of school and why?
I like prospecting the mountains because there are no people on the mountains, and their is no pollution in the air and most importantly there are no streets.
What are your best memories outside of school and why?
I went to go see the Mayan pyramids. I learned that the people were very small because the entry way was small. These people were intelligent they had beautiful cities and also had running water.
Other than ceramics what is the other subject you would teach and why?
Painting and drawing because that’s what I do at home, and I am wanting to build my own school of art.
How many years do you have teaching here at Carl Hayden?
I have 21 years teaching here.
Have you enjoyed your time here at Carl Hayden?
I have. I would say that these years have been the best years of my life and I have enjoyed all the students that have been in my class.
What do you want to say to all the students at Carl Hayden High school?
I want to tell them to prepare for a hard life. It’s going to hit you sooner than you think.

Jennifer Turner
World history/Geography teacher
Do you enjoy teaching and why?
I do enjoy teaching because the students are nice and humble and I learn from my students every passing day.
What do you as a teacher want your students to learn from you and your class when they go on with their life’s?
I really want them to be critical thinkers and not only that also to be involved in their community.
What is your hobby that you have outside of school?
I enjoy traveling.
Where exactly do you travel to?
Well I have lived in West Africa. I visited Europe, Asia, and Latin America. I enjoy traveling because when I come back I share my experiences with all my students.

havercampName: Colin Haverkamp

Subject you teach: Biology
How long was your hair before you donated it?
12 inches. I donated it to be made into a wig for kids going through cancer.
How many years have you taught here?
Three years
How was your summer and what was the most fun and interesting thing you did?
For a month I worked at ASU working to find more ways to use renewable energy. Also I went on a 44mile hike in four days and saw a bear but wasn’t scared.
Where did you do that 44 mile hike in 4 days?
Through the Smokey Mountains National Park, the southern half.
Anything else you want to add? Any students who want to join the Sustainability club, this club is for the idea of creating things for a green future.  See Haverkamp for full details in room 252.

Teacher Website: http://sites.google.com/site/haverkampology101/