Staff Profile – Security Guard Wendy

security guard

As a security guard how do you feel about enforcing the rules? I have no problem enforcing the new rules, firm and friendly.
Do you believe that the enforcement on the new rules is going to last? Yes, with me absolutely.
What’s the most common issues you have with students? Dress code. I’ve sent 120 students to the office so far.
Has any of the rules changed from last year or just the enforcement on them? No, drinks from Circle K and the vending machines have timers on them now.
Do you feel that the change in administration is a positive or negative effect on Hayden? Positive. It’s a fresh start with new rules and the administration stands behind security enforcing rules.
Is it easier or harder then last year to enforce the rules? Easier, because everyone is united about the rules.
Do you have anything to add? So far it started out to be a great year, and I think it’s gonna stay that way.
By Scenario Rivera(8.30.11)