Teacher Profiles – Art teachers

ceramicsKimberly Schaller
Ceramics 1-2

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? I have been teaching for six years. I recently left Phoenix Job Core. I am originally from Chicago and I love art; I’m very excited to be here.

Why do you teach Ceramics? I love it. I think its not only therapeutic, I thinks its artistic and I think its excellent that they have them at schools.

What do expect your students to do in this class? I expect them to not only learn about properties of clay but also about ceramics artists, the elements and principle of design and also how to create functional and non functional art.

Do you have anything to add? Excited to be here, Thank you.

by Ramon Sanchez (8.30.11)

artTeacherCecily Cano

Art 1-2
1st year at Hayden, 1st year teacher

Fun Facts:

  • Football Fan
  • Rocks out to Paramore
  • Is a gLeek! (watches Glee)

Where did you attend University? ASU (Main Campus)
What did you major in? I majored in photography, got my degree in art. Then afterward I went back to school to become an art teacher.
How many years have you been teaching? This is my first year ever teaching.
Are you nervous about teaching? “No, it’s a new chapter.”
Why did you decide to teach at Hayden? I’m from Arizona, and I attended Central High school. I felt that it was only appropriate since I know the area and the Phoenix Union District.
What about art interest you? It’s a class where student can express themselves. It’s a different way of thinking.
Who are some of your favorite artist? Chuck Close (painter), Frida Kahlo (female artist)
Have you every created your own art, if yes what was you favorite creation? Yes, I did a series on identity. My project was a series of photos I took of various people expressing who they are.

As Cano speaks about how excited she is for the year, she maintains a positive attitude and expresses how she loves the idea of giving back to the community and that she’ll be able to work with students. “Sometimes I feel like a student with you guys,” she said.

BY Scenario Rivera