All Star Fan Fest creates family fun

The Fan Fest was held in the city of Phoenix and could be summed up by one local resident, “Fantastic, fan friendly, Fan Fest in Phoenix 2011,” said Spencer Peterson who along with his son enjoyed their newly awarded taco shaped hats. They were award this while playing a game in which they were required to run from one base to the other in a short amount of time. This was one of many games held in the MLB All Star Fan Fest, which will be in the Phoenix Convention Center, up until the upcoming MLB All Star Game.

Despite many heat advisories fans weren’t the slightest bit reluctant to show up.

“No problem,” said David Stephens when he was asked if the heat was an issue. “Living here you pretty much get used to the heat.”

Stephens was not the only one that felt this, as many local Arizona residents were truly the majority of this year’s fan fest. The heat was no issue inside of course, as the cool breeze from convention’s air conditioning kept many fans refreshed while enjoying the environment.

As one enter the convention a person senses start to become active. The lighting in the room and all the colorful jerseys widens one’s eyes, and the smell of the Taco Bell taco can be smelled as soon as one enters. The sound of people selling merchandise and children shouting cheers can be heard from a mile away, while your mouth along with your stomach starts annoying you with its hunger tantrums.

The convention inside held many stands in which people were kept entertained.  Such stands held historic baseball memorabilia in which consumed the attention of many baseball enthusiast. The convention also held games for many children such as the rookie league, in which kids could get the chance at practicing at the batting tees, play in the baseball targets or get an autograph from one of the MLB mascots.

“I hope to play games and have fun with my son,” said Ty Bauer as he anticipated getting into the convention.

As for his son Zachary Bauer when he was asked what he waited for inside, he replied with a smile, “Justin Upton; he’s my favorite.”

Fan Fest not only had a lot of attractions but also had many volunteers who weren’t afraid to show their excitement.

“The volunteers are very enthusiastic,” said volunteer worker Paul Okamoto. “We enjoy talking and meeting with people.”

Okamoto was not the only worker that felt this way. Security officer Chris Smith said, “Family friendly, bring family and have a good time.”

Phoenix Fan Fest 2011. Photos by Ramon Sanchez.