Coach Profile – Gilbert Lopez

boysBasketballGilbert Lopez
JV Basketball Coach, Varsity Assistant Coach

Gilbert Lopez played basketball here at Hayden and then went on to play for New Mexico State. He was later interested in coaching because he really liked basketball. Lopez returned to help Coach Rhymes bring this school back into the glory days.

“I was very happy with the results of this year because we ended with a good score and with four starting freshman,” said Lopez.

Defense was the main concentration that the team focused on because last year offense was not enough to succeed. This school has had many good moments in history that will never be forgotten.

“My favorite moment in Hayden history was when Carl Hayden beat Mountain View in triple overtime,” said Lopez. “It was an away game and they were the number one team in the state.”

Gilbert has coached basketball at Hayden for six years and 23 years in his career.

“Next year I will coach at South Mountain Community College where I have had much success,” said Lopez. He also coaches at Mexico City with a team called the Titans.

“The coach and staff of next year need to concentrate on developing the younger kids for the future,” said Lopez. “They will need solid assistance in the lower levels if they want to have better teams.”

There are many differences with being a player and coaching.

“A player just has to go out there and execute,” said Lopez. “Coaching is harder because you have to be creative and come up with good plays in order to be successful. Detailed work is very important when making a good team.”

-by Ricardo Ruelas (5.18.11)

Srnka Johnson, Physical Science
1st year at Hayden

Hobbies: Mountain biking, and jeep building
What were your plans as a high school student? I really didn’t know what I was going to do, but my parents wanted me to go into engineering. I did it and got my degree. It worked for me a couple of years, and the things you accomplish make you feel genius.  But I had always wanted to give back, and I feel I do that by teaching.
How would you describe today’s high school environment? There’s definitely a lot more technology. Back then, it was all about doing things by hand and you weren’t surrounded by technology so much. But I would say that work ethic has changed.
How do you show students the more interesting side of science? I help them make a connection, and show them that there are things in science they’d like to get more from. As a teacher it’s my job to plant that seed, and help them focus and know that they can go onto bigger and better things.

-by Monica Contreras (5.8.11)