Baseball players look to professional athletes as an example

Even though sports in Arizona are not that good, we still have to root for one or the other no matter what the situation is.

“I know that I should root for our home team the Diamondbacks, but I go for the Yankees because they are better than any franchise ever made in major League baseball,” said sophomore Jason Montalvo.

“I’m old fashioned and I stick with the team that is in my state so I go for the Arizona Diamondbacks,” said freshman Angel Torres.

To be as talented and good in a team sport like baseball you have to follow the example that the professional game gives. In our case we need to follow the Arizona Diamondbacks and how they take care of their business.

“We have a lot of similarities such as when we love the game of baseball and we go out onto the field and we try our hardest to get the win,” said Torres.

To be playing a sport you need to have a passion for the game, and a reason to go out and do your best during each game.

“My favorite thing about baseball is the sportsmanship that I see when I play,” said Montalvo. “Every person wants to do good and play an awesome game, even if you lose or win you still have that sportsmanship mentality.”

The game of baseball is not how many wins you have at the end of the season it is all about how you play the game and your attitude toward the other players.