Low numbers affecting track team

When students think of the track field, they will mostly likely respond with, “Yeah it’s that one thing around the football field,” or “It’s too hot to be running on the track field.”

And the one thing that will always come to mind when commenting on the track field is, “I just had to run a mile on it for P.E.”

So are these some of the reasons why students don’t want to in join track?

“I believe people don’t run track because the heat discourages them, and they believe the running is too difficult,” said junior track runner Martin Lopez. “But I think if they just come out and give track a try they will find it’s not that difficult.”

Coaches and runners alike feel that the main reason why students in school don’t run is due to a lack of effort or feel that students will feel discouraged facing other schools.

“The thing about track is that it’s not like other sports where you can get lucky,” said boys coach Juan Molina. “You can’t just show up to a race, expect to get lucky that day and win. In track you can only do as good as you practice.”

Their lack of athletes have not discouraged the runners on the team, but the low numbers have affected the team’s ability to score points in preceding track meets.

“It’s just frustrating when you don’t have enough numbers,” said girls coach Miguel Herrera. “Our girls are working hard and are placing in events, but not having enough girls running really affects the teams.”

Despite their low numbers the runners on the track team do not feel any demoralization as they continue to go practice everyday. The coaches are currently preparing their runners in hopes of qualifying for state.

“The state champ is here,” said Molina. “He or she just lacks the mental toughness to come out here,” said Herrera as he added to Molina’s statement.

Home track meet on Wednesday, March 30. Photos by Monica Contreras.