Teacher Profiles – April 2011

dealba Adrian de Alba

Chemistry and Physical Science Teacher

Why did you become a teacher? I became a teacher because I got married and needed a job.
What do you like to do in your spare time? I like to fix my yard and work around the house but I really don’t have spare time; I’m always busy.
What has been your favorite vacation so far? My favorite vacation was on my honeymoon when we went to Cancun and had a lot of fun.
How do you motivate your students? I try to have fun in class with the students but I also make them do their work. I try to relate to their personal lives and the subject as much as possible.
What other jobs did you have in the past before becoming a teacher? I’ve had thousands of jobs; my first job was working at McDonald’s.
What was your favorite subject in school when you were younger? My favorite subject was math even though now I teach Science.
What school did you graduate from? I graduated from the University of Arizona and wanted to become an accountant. After I majored in that, I changed majors to get a scholarship to study molecular and cellular biology. I ended up working in a research lab for about three years, which interested me into teaching science.

-by Ricardo Ruelas (4.18.11)

Elena Ratiu

French teacher

How long have you been teaching at Carl Hayden? I have been teaching for 17 years.
Why did you decide to teach? I really like the kids. They were polite, respectful, and I saw a desire to learn. I used to be a substitute teacher and I went to many schools, but here I saw that desire.
What do you enjoy most about teaching? I enjoy teaching French and seeing the kids using language and using it in different situations. I also enjoy developing activities; I enjoy almost very day of teaching.
What is you fondest memory? Having the kids compete at national and state levels and placing in first place in both. And taking my students to Europe and having them have a unique experience.
Why did you decide to teach French? I knew since I was 19 years old that I wanted to teach French. It was a second language in my country I was attracted to the language and I wanted to spread that to the next generation.
Where are you from? I am from Transylvania, Romania. Right in Dracula’s neighborhood.
Do you have anything else to say? I just want to say good bye to the kids and colleagues and I will miss them, and I hope I am leaving a good example for other people to follow.

by Ana Aldaco (4.14.11)