JV Baseball: Batter up!

Gilbert Parra is a junior has been in the JV team since his freshman’s year. His position on the team is shortstop.

“One I really like about baseball is winning,” said Parra.

One of Parra’s goals is to win a game this season. He said the team has not been doing so great but he is sure that they will get better later on in the season.

Jorge Carranza has only been on the JV team for a couple of months.

“My favorite part of baseball is hitting the ball because it feels good when the ball comes off the bat,” said Carranza.

Even though he has only been playing baseball for a couple of months, he has earned the position of 2nd base on the JV team.

“My teammates are very supportive,” said Carranza.

The thing that goes through Carranza’s head right before a game is “don’t mess up.”

Pedro Montes is a freshmen on the JV team. His position is 3rd base. He has been playing baseball for 11 years. He thinks his teammates are good players. The thing that goes through his head before he is about to play is “just play the game.”

“My favorite thing about baseball is batting,” said Montes.

His coach tells him to relax when he is about to play.

Carlos Marquez is a sophomore and is the catcher of the team. He has been play baseball all his life. He, like Carranza, thinks his teammates are very supportive. The thing that goes through Marquez head before a game is “Am I going to win?”

“The best thing about baseball is batting,” said Marquez