Seniors reflect on tennis season

Getting close to the end of the final game can be something very sad. Seniors are exhausted but are still ready to give it their all. Some of them will be successful and unfortunately some will not, that’s just how it works.

“Even though my results were not as good as I wanted them to be, I am not mad because it was my first year and I will only get better in the future,” said senior Ricardo Canales.

Tennis is a sport where you rely on your body to work as one and to make the right hits and volleys.

“Join tennis because it’s fun and you get to be yourself when you play,” said senior Amanda Ramirez.

Many seniors will be graduating this year and will leave a lot motivation behind to help the athletes from next year.

“I want people to know how hard it really is and how much fun it is also,” said Canales.

“I would play tennis in the future but only with family and friends because I think going pro is too hard”, said Ramirez.

Many athletes will miss their experience with tennis and some people will miss different things. For some, tennis was their life and they were in this sport all four years of high school.

“My favorite part was when we went to away games and traveled to different schools,” said Ramirez.

These seniors will miss their coach and all the things they went through, bad times and good times. Even though this is their final season playing tennis here in high school, it might not be their last time playing tennis in their life times.

“The thing I will miss the most is the music the music Coach Anderson would put on while driving,” said senior Jose Vizcarra.