Track coach excited about season

The track team has high expectations this year. Head coach Juan Molina is excited this year because there is new talent on the team. All Molina wants is 100 percent effort every day out on the track and the rest will take care of itself.

“This season will be good because it’ll always be fun since everyone knows each other,” said junior Jose Estrella.

Estrella joined track to improve his speed and be ready for the upcoming football season. Something he really likes about track is that there are no cuts and that everyone participates in the events.

“Track is a good way to get in shape and it prepares you for other sports also,” said junior Cesar Arzola.

Arzola is a sprinter because he wants to get faster for football. He thinks that long distance is too much for him and so he decided to be a sprinter this year.

“I think students should get involved in sports because we need more people to come out,” said senior Jessica Flores. “Compared to other schools, Hayden lacks sports.”

Track is a sport where there is only one winner out of 20 or maybe 50 runners sometimes. There is a small chance of winning and only the best go to the top.

“The state champion is walking somewhere on this campus,” said Molina, “I know that there are people out there with the talent to become a champ.”

PUHSD Track Meet, Friday March 4.
photos by Monica Contreras