Homecoming, Fall 2019

Homecoming week is fast approaching. There will be events going on all week as well as the Homecoming Assembly on Friday November 1st, with the Homecoming game against Camelback on Friday night, and the Homecoming Dance on Saturday November 2nd , from 7-11pm.

Tickets for the dance are now available in the bookstore for only $10. The dance will be semi-formal and held in the North Gym. If you want to bring a guest from another school you will need to obtain a guest pass from the Athletics office.

Anyone interested in running for Homecoming Royalty, there are signs ups outside of room 501. Freshman can run for Duke or Duchess, Sophomores can run for Lord or Lady, Juniors can run for Prince or Princess, and Seniors can run for King or Queen. There will be a royalty meeting this Friday, Oct. 18, in room 501 right after school.

Here are the dress up days for the week:

Monday 10/28/19 – Create your own hero!
This is a DIY dress up day. Throw on a cape and a bunch of spatulas and  you are now …… Spatula Man.  The possibilities are endless.

Tuesday 10/29/19 –  Every Day Hero Day!
Come dressed as an everyday hero…your mom, dad, a doctor, or a police officer.  Anything you consider to be an Every Day Hero.

Wednesday 10/30/19 – Infinity Color Wars!
Every class and staff have a specific color to wear.  Freshman will wear orange, Sophomores will wear purple, Juniors will wear yellow, Seniors will wear blue, and all staff will wear green.

Thursday 10/31/19 – Avengers Assemble Day!
Wear your favorite superhero t-shirt or dress as your favorite superhero.

Friday 11/1/19 –  Falcon Friday!
Dress in blue and yellow.  Go all out to show your Falcon Pride!!!