Boys Cross Country team wins District Meet

All those mornings, Saturdays, fall break, and summer vacation workouts lead to a very successful showing for the Carl Hayden cross country team at the Phoenix Union District Cross Country Championship meet yesterday:

 The boys varsity took first place and there is a nifty trophy in Coach Robles’ room to celebrate this achievement. 11th grader Fidel De Los Rios was the first place finisher, 10th grader Benjamin Morfin finished 2nd, and senior Larry Nava was 8th.  A special shout out should also be given to senior Jason Morales whose performance cemented the victory. 

 The girls varsity placed 4th in district. Viridiana Ruiz, Anay Viera, Candy Quintero Tirado, Jocelyn Guiterrez, and Maleny De Los Rios all medaled. They all ran as a team, staying together and encouraging each other throughout the entire race, and finishing within two places of each other, which is what determined their success. 

 The JV boys placed 3rd in the district, and the girls JV was first.  Most of these students are brand new to cross country and their struggle was real.  Several of them ran a personal best yesterday (a shout out to junior Neyri Gomez), and a few (freshmen Nashalie Rodriguez and Daniela Lopez) finished their races despite being in significant pain. 

 Overall, when the boys and girls scores were combined, Carl Hayden placed second in the district.  The team not only ran with skill, but also represented with heart, poise and character.  They were truly model Falcons. 

 The athletes have trained, worked, suffered, hurt, and overcame to reach these places.  But this team is only successful because of the effort, knowledge, passion, commitment, sacrifice, time, and attention of Coach Gabe Robles and Coach Gary Anderson.  Please congratulate these students and their coaches when you see them today, and give them encouragement for the sectional race next Friday. 

Link to interview with Fidel and Ben:

Written by Tori Randich