Valentine’s Day Treats

For a lot of holidays, stores sell festive treats, like cookies, cakes, and candy to celebrate it. For Valentine’s Day, many of these treats are in stores ready to be bought and eaten. Some very popular treats during Valentine’s are chocolates, cookies, and cakes. Many buy some to give to their special someone or for friends to enjoy the holiday together. Which treat would be most delicious to enjoy, though.

Chocolate is a very common gift to give on Valentine’s Day and are usually on sale during February. Candy brands change their wrappers to be more romantic and also change the shape of the chocolate to hearts and what not. You do not necessarily have to have a date to buy chocolates. Valentine’s chocolates aren’t only for lovers, but for children and singles and anyone who loves chocolate that is on sale! Not only do candy brands change their chocolate a bit, but there is more of a variety during Valentine’s and Halloween. There is chocolate with peanut butter, mint, caramel (year round), and white chocolate. Only downside of chocolate is that it melts, which can turn into a messy mush.

Cookies are very delicious. Stores always have cookies that are holiday themed depending on the time of year. During Valentine’s, cookies are frosted with red or pink frosting and are sprinkled with red, white and pink sprinkles in the shape of hearts sometimes. Other cookies are shaped as hearts and are sprinkled red. There is a variety of cookies for sale that are festive and tasty. Many cookies, though, are a little too crumby and leave sprinkles behind, but doesn’t that apply to all cookies in general?

Cakes are perfect for any occasion, or no occasion at all. Lots of stores have assortments of pastries near their front doors to attract customers (resisting temptation is hard). Cakes are perfect for get togethers and look so tasty with many different designs in icing and sprinkles. You can have a variety of different flavors of cakes, too, such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, red velvet, or tres leches (the best kind). There is also cupcakes specially for Valentine’s that are great to share with friends, not to mention that they are a great portion size to enjoy.

There is many other sweets to enjoy besides pastries and chocolates, but these tend to be the most common for many societies. Some cultures have their own traditions and may have their own kind of treats to share with their significant other, family, and friends. The best way to enjoy these treats are with someone, even if they are your friends.

Photos by Alma Orozco and Alondra Flores
Editing by Alondra Flores, Danny Miron and Alma Orozco
Story by Danny Miron