Late start or early release?

Depending on which school you attend and which district it is in, you will either get out early on some days or go to school later on some days. Both are amazing because you either get to sleep in or finish homework early and have free time, but which one would be more preferable?

Early releases are the best to have on Friday so you can start the weekend early and get all of your assignments out of the way. Classes are cut shorter and teachers do not want to give students a lot of work since they won’t have time to explain what to do and what they expect back. Thus, short days do not have as much tedious work as others. If you have a project that is due, test you need to finish, or classwork from yesterday, teachers will let you work on it instead of giving a new assignment. It makes their lives easier so they don’t have to grade so much work and students live easier since there is no new assignment.

Late starts are awesome, too. Some days when you stay up late doing homework, finishing chores that you did not do because of homework, or just goofing off and staying up late, you can sleep in a little since school doesn’t start ‘till later. Those couple of minutes, though, can really help you and refresh you so you do not fall asleep during class and get in trouble. Wouldn’t want that, now would we?

Both are great days to look forward to, but which would be preferable? Early releases mean you wake up at the same time but classes are shorter and you get out sooner. Late starts mean you don’t go to school until later and classes are shorter but you get out at the same time. Getting out early is cool because you feel as if it is still morning and you can get all your stuff done early and relax. Getting to school later is cool, too, because you get to sleep in or get up early and finish homework or eat breakfast. Only thing is that the time is the same, which means it feels like a normal day because you get out the same time.

There is benefits to both all together, but what if you have friends in other districts and get out early while you get out late? Well, you can rub it in their face that you’re still asleep and they are in class, but they get to tell you that they are already out of school and you are still in. Think about it, though, so what if they get out early, you got to sleep in and eat breakfast. Then again, so what if you go in late, they get out early and get to relax more than average.

It’s whichever you prefer in the end. Late starts are good so you can sleep in or start the day early but school late. Early releases are good as well so you could get stuff done and relax or if it is on Friday, start the weekend early! In my experiences, I have enjoyed both worlds and really enjoy and look forward to those days, but I think I prefer late starts. I love sleeping in, and sometimes I stay up late reading books, doing work, or playing video games ( :} ), so I like to sleep in for a couple of more minutes. It really helps. What would you prefer: late starts or early releases?

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By Danny Miron