Is technology taking over?

Technology changes almost as fast as seconds change into minutes. We also continue to change to keep up with technology. Schools have laptops or computers in almost every classroom, businesses hire people who have skills with computer applications, and everyday technology changes every day, with a new version coming out every year or in the process of it. You have to keep up with the change so you can get a job or go to school, or even do anything everyday. Some jobs require that you know computer skills and will hire someone else who has them. Big box TVs have become obsolete and now flat screen TVs have become a household object. Not many people have DVD players anymore. Apps like Netflix and Hulu are the way to watch a movie, or you buy it in an app store and download it on any device. It seems that being tech savvy is the way to go.

Malls have started to close down as online shopping becomes second nature for smart shoppers. Even malls that exist don’t have many shops to visit or some are leaving since there is no business. The thing with malls is that they are great to visit, but not only for shopping. Many adults can recall when they hung out in the mall and walked around with friends. Even now in the technology era it is nice to get out and walk with friends, but where would you go? The park is nice, but not all of them are, and some people can’t go to the park because of the distance (but same applies to the mall). Malls are nice not only because of their stores but because they have a food court. Who doesn’t love a food court! So many choices and so many flavors, not to mention the stands of snacks mall’s have scattered across the place when you walk. Malls can’t go extinct. #Save The Malls

Not only are malls disappearing, but communicating to people has become a thing of the past (isn’t that frightening!?!). With social media, you can make friends from different cities, states, and countries. You can talk with them via messaging, but I think talking face-to-face is the way to go. You can hear a voice instead of reading words. Doesn’t that sound simpler? When some people do go out of confinement and talk (which rarely happens sometimes), it’s different somehow. Talking to people is better so you can practice public speaking which can help with presenting skills. People sometimes lock themselves up and just be on technology (TV, laptop, video games, phone, etc.). Interaction with others is only through a headset or through text. Even talking to family members becomes text only and some may reject calls. Not only that, texting is being abused by not even typing the whole word. Now it’s just abbreviations.

Technology is definitely useful in our modern world. It has become easier to research for school work and other purposes. Before, you would research through the library and look through every book on the topic. Now, we have the world wide web to search from websites created from professionals or databases that contain information from many credible sources. Sometimes, though, there is always someone who ruins it for everyone. Some websites or suggestions that search engines bring up may not be credible and are plain lies. Applications that technology offers are helpful as well. Microsoft Office and Google Drive let you type on documents, create presentations, and make spreadsheets. Not only that, Google Drive lets you share with other people so you can work on the assignment together, making it simpler to work faster and efficient.

There are many benefits of technology, but nothing can be that good. Slowly, technology is taking over society. Soon, there will be no need fo jobs, human interaction, or going outside period when you have technology. The thought of that is sad and we should not abuse technology as much as we do. Soon, the world will be ruled by computers and robots and they will rebel. They will want to be paid and that loses money for people. Then they will take over the world with the push of a button. Ok, that might not happen, but you never know if we continue this route of technology responsible of most of our daily actions.

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By Danny Miron