Arizona Weather

In the United States, there are many different climates that vary wherever you go. In New York, it snows everywhere. In Arizona, you have to go up north to see snow, but here it can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which you definitely won’t get in New York. California lately wasn’t getting any rain and was in a drought, but now it is raining too much and is flooding. Pretty strange, right? Near the center of the U.S. is where many tornadoes occur, gaining the nickname “Tornado Alley.” Down near the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean is where many hurricanes happen. Wherever you go in the U.S, there is a downside, at least in climate and annual weather conditions.

In every corner of the Earth even, there is always good and bad things, and definitely climate is something you would want to research on (or natural disasters). In the U.S., it seems like you travel to different parts of the world when you go to a different state or region. Some states have a high temperature of 80 degrees, which is like the sun for them. To us, that is a wonderful temperature to go out and enjoy the sun niceness for once. If people from up north came to Arizona for the summer, they would probably die of heat since they are not used to temperatures in the 90s daily.

Tourists from anywhere would need to be prepared for hot days here, but anyone from Arizona would need to prepare for temperatures that go lower than 40 degrees. We also know when the best time to go to another location is. During the summer months, Arizona has what is known as “monsoon season.” It’s ok some years, but can be terrible other years. We also have dust storms here, which make you wish it was snow instead. Snow is ice, and ice is water. Dust is sand, and sand is tiny fine rocks. They hurt as well, going at high speeds in the air. Dust storms do not mess around. You can see them in the distance and then the next minute they are where you are. I haven’t experienced a snowstorm, but snow does pile up and can block roads. Dust storms only make roads empty (or at least it should be empty).

When it does rain here in the desert, it pours! Especially during monsoon season. Usually in other states it lightly sprinkles or when it does rain it’s ok. They do have their fair share of terrible rainy days, but Arizona storms are nothing to take lightly. It may be cloudy and quiet one second, but the next, it rains as if the clouds had carried the entirety of the Pacific Ocean with them. Lightning and thunder are present in our storms, but that usually happens at night or early morning. Storms can leave the streets flooded and makes everyone’s daily commute a bit more difficult. Some streets may be closed or bridges flooded with water. Good thing is school may be excused, but that rarely happens.

Climate varies everywhere and some places are even known for natural disasters. You have snowstorms in the north east and north, hurricanes in the south, and many rainy days, humidity and heat in the south west. People may move to different places, but you can’t escape weather. You may get different kinds of climate, but terrible weather conditions happen everywhere. Whether it’s storms, hail, or heat waves, unpleasant conditions will be all over the world.

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By Danny Miron