Fake News

During many periods of time, the credibility of the media (publications, websites, etc.) has been questioned. It has been brought up again during the 2016 Presidential Election, where Donald Trump often blamed the media for him falling behind at times during the race, calling them the “crooked media.” It brings up the question whether the media is credible and if we should believe everything we see.

Lately, it seems that news shows include too much information about the latest celebrities and what they have done lately. Don’t get me wrong, some of it is interesting to hear about it, but we do not all need to know about what Kylie Jenner has recently done or about Kim Kardashian’s latest selfie. There is a channel dedicated to celebrities and all of their news (if you could call it that) called E! News. Put all of that information there! I think what most people who watch the news want to know what is going on around in their community, state, country, and the world. Include some of the entertainment news, but not all the latest news.

Luckily, some channels or websites have filters or are only political or environmental news. Many of these site are believable and have credible journalists and authors who create the article on the site, but other websites are complete lies. They do it just to get your attention. That was appearing a lot in 2016, and hopeful will not happen in 2017. In 2016, they was a website that will tell you if the article you thought was a lie is actually a lie. It came in handy when you got your hopes too high or if the fallacy you just read scared you.

I recall hearing that when radios were the TV, there was this radio station that read War of the World’s, a science fiction book about Martians invading Earth, that caused panic everywhere because everyone thought it was real and that the end of the world was happening. Perhaps if the radio station had started of the show by saying the book title and that they were going to read it, there would have not been such an uproar. Then again, some people are to gullible or won’t listen to the truth. This kind of shows that the public will believe anything they hear/see/read, which isn’t good to know.

The major thing about media and journalism is when you write/type something, you have to stay unbiased. Non-biased authors are the best kind of authors since they won’t choose a side or make both sides equally bad or good. It’s best to stay unbiased as not to attract unwanted attention or publicity for the wrong thing. Staying on unbiased helps you stay reliable as an author and readers are more likely to read your articles as you are more reliable and see both sides of the stories.

If fake news or biased news is published more often and is on news shows/stations/channels, it’s hard to see who is telling the facts and not twisting them to get readers or viewers. Not only should the media stick to the truth, the audience ought to not twist the truth as well. Many can take news the wrong way if they think too much about it or generally believe that the same event they saw will always be true the next time. Truthful media can lead to a better informed audience not jumping to conclusions all the time.

By Danny Miron