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Valentine’s Day Treats

For a lot of holidays, stores sell festive treats, like cookies, cakes, and candy to celebrate it. For Valentine‚Äôs Day, many of these treats are in stores ready to be…

Matthew’s Crazy Challenge – Feb. 2017

Editing by Matthew Bazan

Banana Sprite Challenge

Editing by Matthew Bazan

Matthew and Albert’s December Challenge

By Matthew Bazan and Albert Martinez Videography by Luis Garcia and Alma Orozco

Holiday Traditions

In the month of December, many holidays are celebrated with family and friends, like Christmas. Many travel on the fourth week of December to visit faraway family or stay at…

The Updated Ranking System for CS: GO

This close to winter update for Counter Strike: Global Offensive has manipulated the ranks of those in the Counter Strike community for almost a month now and Valve has not…