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JROTC competes in CHU I

This last weekend on Saturday, Sept. 28, the JROTC Adventure Team competed in an annual state-wide competition that consisted of six events. The events as follows and results: Orienterring-1 place…

Something from a Senior: The Moment After

I’ve written a lot about the decisions, we as young people, make. We view ourselves as young and free, living life with “no regrets.” There are even pop songs to…

Something from a Senior: Just a Thought

“Never underestimate yourself,” is a cliché aimed at inspiring people to seek out a greater image and potential within themselves. Sure, it sounds good, right? To contemplate that you are,…

Open house

Open house is an event, to invite parents and students to meet teachers and staff. Students need open house to establish parent teachers connection. It’s mandatory for teachers to come….

Second football game

Varsity Football The varsity football team had its second game at home, vs. Tolleson. Photos by Marissa Galvez

First football game

Varsity Football Game The Varsity team started the season with a home game vs McClintock. Photos by Marissa Galvez.

New program on campus: PBIS

There has been talk of a new recreational room, “falcon cards,” and gift drawings. Students are pleased with the innovations but are left wondering,”why?” Carl Hayden was awarded the S3…

Fall sports coaches interviews

Football Coach Jeremy Zimmerman What do you think the team needs to work on to have a successful season?  “A lot of determination, focus and discipline in our packages.” Do…