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Calvin Terrell speaks to students about being warriors

“Sometimes it’s okay to step out of your bubble,” said speaker and educator Calvin Terrell. Terrell is a passionate advocate for equality and diversity. During his keynote address during the…

Freshmen start their high school years

The first day of school was August 4, and for most freshmen it was also their first day in high school. Four freshmen share their experiences. Yosseline Puente Yosseline Puente…

My Take: Scheduling Problems

One of the most talked about problems in school was the scheduling problems for the 2014-2015 school year. During the summer, I witnessed students complaining about their class schedules all…

School play auditions

School play auditions were held on Friday, Aug. 15. Freshman Gaby Cayeros auditioned and got the understudy role of the lead character. “I’ve always had an interest in acting,” Cayeros…

Calvin Terrell Assembly

Calvin Terrell was a guest speaker for the assembly held on Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014. Photos by Maria Gonzalez and Yanette Avila.

School lockdown drills

When any drill happens, science teacher Rocio Chevalier gets serious. She keeps her class quiet and in their seats and turns out the light. Also she locks the doors and…

Lock Down Video

Instructions for students in what to do during a school lock-down. Screenplay by Anna Flores, video editing by Luis Valencia Article about school lockdown procedures

Still using the school’s public Wi-Fi?

You may think free Wi-Fi is safe, but is it? Public Wi-Fi is almost everywhere —in stores, libraries and restaurants and soon on commuter trains and in stations —but so…

Class of 2014 – A look back

Photos by Cornerstone staff and Statesmen staff

What to do in a fire drill

By Laura Ramirez and Luis Valencia