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Rachel’s Challenge Assembly Video

Rachel’s Challenge Assembly highlights Students attended a special assembly entitled “Rachel’s Challenge” on Tuesday, Jan. 28. The diybke assembly was held during second hour, and students were challenged to treat…

Teen Support: Pregnancy and parenting group

The pregnancy and parenting group has been around for nearly four years. It is a group that meets every Monday during advisory. Lately it has been community liaison Pat Banks…

Holiday Performing Arts Concert

Holiday Concert The Performing Arts department hosted their annual Holiday Concert on Tuesday, Dec. 10. Beginning Band, Concert Band, Color Guard, Piano, and Choir all performed. By Marissa Galvaz

Participate in an Hour of Code

This week, in honor of Grace Hopper’s birthday, Computer Science Education Week is sponsoring an Hour of Code. They are encouraging EVERYONE — adults and students — to complete an…

Something from a Senior: Scared of Ourselves

I know what it’s like, to feel like the very moment you have reached self discovery, a wave of doubt drowns out any hope for it. Confronting yourself is difficult….

The tardy problem at Carl Hayden

Senior Benjamin Arvallo is usually on time to all his classes except Spanish class. For being tardy he gets an attendance contract, but this doesn’t stop him from being tardy….

Car Show

The fourth annual Car Show was held at Carl Hayden on Saturday, Nov. 9. “Every year seems to get better,” said event organizer Martin Gracia. “We bring entertainment and a…

Robotics Dinner

The robotics club held a dinner after school to raise money for their events. Photos by Maria Alvarez, edited by Lucio Anchondo

Video Game Review: Super Mario 3D World

The Super Mario 3D World game will be added next month, and I predict it might be more popular than the past Super Mario games. The director Koichi Hayashida had…